Angie Cherry

Growing up, I had a difficult childhood filled with adversity and went on to make a ton of mistakes in life. For a long time, I was angry, chronically ill and unhappy. I was living a life that was based on fear, but it wasn’t until I understood where I was that I could change where I was going. One day, as I was leisurely smoking a cigarette on my front porch, I had one of those AHA moments. It was as if I could see myself from the outside and it’s probably no surprise, but I didn’t like what I saw. That day, something in me woke up – and I haven’t let it go back to sleep since.

For the last twelve years, I have learned to be grateful for all of the things that I went through that brought me to my own personal awakening. Had I not experienced suffering, I truly believe that I may not have been open to hearing the gentle whispers of the Universe. I also believe having experienced some not so lovely things in life helps me relate better to my students and have more compassion for others and their journeys. I am happy to be hopelessly hopeful and a huge believer in things I can’t see…especially love.

My yoga practice has supported my journey and it’s given me perspective to see myself more clearly, the grace to forgive myself when I stumble (which is still more often than I would like) and it’s taught me to be grateful for the deepest challenges I have experienced in life. I owe a lot to the practice, philosophy and mostly the community I have found both in leading and practicing yoga. The fierce love and support of my tribe has been a humbling experience more than once. Especially during my recent bought with thyroid cancer. My community gave me strength, courage and support and I can now officially say I am cancer free and intend to stay that way.

I am many things in life, but mostly just Angie. I currently work as a Loan Consultant and I continue to teach and offer yoga. I am the creator and lead trainer of Fly High Yoga School, an IIN Certified Health Coach, a Reiki Master and most importantly an imperfectly perfect human. I am proud to have been blessed with a husband who is my biggest cheerleader and three smart, handsome boys chose me to be their mom. My oldest is a bio-chem major at WWU, I have one in high school and one in grade school. There are truly NO dull moments – it’s a fantastic mess and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I hope to connect with you in some way. Maybe you need financing for your new home, find an article that speaks to you on my blog or come practice yoga with me. You can like me on Instagram at @angiecherry and find me on facebook at facebook.com/angiecherry. Maybe we become friends and laugh together or eat delicious food – I don’t know…but I do know that I appreciate you being on my site and getting to know me just a bit.

Thank you for supporting me so I can be me. Now go out and be a happy healthy human!

Much love…



I was a co-creator, co-owner and graphic artist for Be the Gift. This experience with some amazing, like-minded women taught me so much about collaboration and creation. I owe them so much and am so grateful to have been a part of this project.

Be the Gift Table Game
Be the Gift Book


As the Vice President of the CWBA (Camas Washougal Business Alliance) I am part of the small group of people that facilitate these events every year. In 2018, with the help of the Camas and Washougal school districts, we collected 54,180 pounds of food for the local community. Through the sister program, Stuff the Scholarship, we give out an average of 10,000 in scholarships to Camas and Washougal seniors each year.

Stuff the Bus with Angie Cherry