“Be truthful, gentle and fearless.” – Gandhi

About Me

I am a connecter. I am a healer. I am hopelessly hopeful and a big believer in things I can’t see…especially love. I am also a wife and a mother which gives me a chance to practice all of those things in a huge way. I love my family ferociously and their unconditional love and support brings me courage and strength. I give thanks for them every single day.

My love for movement brought me to dance at age 6 and I took my last tap class in 2004. I danced because I felt it through my whole body. I was able to express myself and my emotions through movement. It’s this expression that I craved and my seeking nature that brought me to yoga.

Yoga woke me up. It changed me so deeply, that it transformed the world around me as I started to live from a place of truth, authenticity and intention. That is why I became a yoga instructor.

With that in my pocket along with my computer science degree, years of experience in business, knowledge of graphic design and website building skills – I decided to create Body Bliss Yoga Studio which is located in my hometown of Washougal, WA. It is here that I teach, share my workshops and run my teacher training program.