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My hope with graphic design work is that it will reflect the personality and intention of the person behind the image. I strive to convey a message while keeping things simple. I appreciate clarity and connection when I create and love to collaborate with people that feel the same. My design work has been mostly focused on Body Bliss Yoga Studio for the past six years, as the owner, but with the studio in new and very capable hands, I would love to expand my services to work with more like minded individuals. You will see some of my most recent works to the right and my pricing table for services below. Please contact me if you would like a free consultation at angie@angiecherry.com.

  • Logo Design: $99 with three options and two revisions
  • Business Card Design: $129.00 with two revisions
  • Flyer Design: $49.00 with three revisions
  • Direct Mailer Design: $95.00 with two revisions
  • Postcard Design: $79.00 with three revisions
  • Brochure Design: $189.00 with two revisions
  • Graphic Element Table for Web Design: $295.00 with up to 10 elements

All additional graphic design work and anything above the included revisions will be billed at $50.00 per hour.