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So many times when we think of wellness we exclude our day to day responsibilities, as if they don’t play into the picture – but here, I wanted to embrace them as one of my three pillars to creating a happy, healthy life. Ultimately, we are all striving for balance and part of that is knowing how to balance our busy lifestyle and even balance our checkbook.

As a Loan Consultant, I work with people every day guiding them through one of the biggest purchases they will ever make, but such a big purchase depends on how we manage our money in our day to day life. It really comes down to the small stuff.

In this section of my website, I wanted to feature pertinent articles about task management, organization and financial wellness. Instead of separating this as just something we do to get by, let’s bring some of that intentional thinking into our responsibilities and obligations.

Letting our wellness bleed into our responsibilities and transforming responsibilities into choices is truly an evolved way of thinking and can free us from the grind. It’s a practice, just like everything else and we can do it together.

Time Spent Organizing

is Never Wasted…

By Angie Cherry

I know so many people feel like spring is a time of renewal, but for me, I have always felt so inspired in the fall. Maybe it’s because I am a September baby or maybe it’s because we come out of the busy summer, but either way – it definitely feels like a fresh start to me.

One thing I have found is that whether you are inspired to do it in the spring or the fall, de-cluttering and organizing is never a waste of time. It always offers a feeling of peace as well as accomplishment for a job well done. If you are so inspired, here are some ideas and benefits to get you motivated.

Top 2 Fall Organizing Ideas and Benefits

The Pantry: Coming out of summer and into fall is the perfect time to re-organize your pantry. There is a big shift in the foods we eat from summer to fall and it’s an opportunity to restock what you will need for the days to come. With the holidays on the horizon and more time spent indoors, we tend to spend more time cooking. Make it more fun with a little prep! Also, when it comes time to start packing those lunches, it’s great to make mornings quick and easy with a little reorganization.

The Closet: It’s back to school time and a shift in season. Make it easy by getting ahead of the clutter. For those with kiddos heading back to school, take time to clean out their drawers and closets. If you do it early this month, you can donate their too-small clothes to your local school or children’s support center!

For us big kids, packing away some of our summer clothes keeps our closets clutter free and allows us more space for what we will be wearing. Then we won’t dread putting away our laundry so much (or maybe that’s just me).

Taking time to donate, give away or sell the things we no longer use opens us up to receiving more in our lives. Look around and make space this fall. It will give you more room to breathe and less things to take care of which means more time for family and fun!

You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

Ok – so many people have been telling me that Jen Sincero and I would be best friends so I decided to check out her book. It’s amazing. Even though I had visited the topics before, the way she presents makes you think, entertains you and in many cases gives you a good giggle. I would recommend this for anyone who needs a little inspiration in their lives, or if you are feeling overwhelmed, this is a MUST READ.

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