Spring Detox and 30 Day Mindful Eating Program
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Why choose this four phase, 30 day reboot program?
This program begins with a three day liver cleanse and includes 30 days of support as you move through each phase of the reboot. Learn how to identify your personal triggers so you can stay on the right track, find new awareness around what food means to you and increase your immunity and energy. You will be guided and supported throughout your journey through our Facebook group and in-person optional meetings and workout groups. Free yourself from fad diets and finally understand what eating mindfully really means. Choose from our Group Program beginning June 1st with optional, local group meetings, online support and mindful movement options or a self-guided mailed copy or digital download.

The program includes:

– 3 Day Liver Detox Protocol
– Grocery Shopping List
– Recommended Supplement List
– A Personal Reflection Guide
– Information about Cleaning Up Your Gut
– 10 Day Gentle Cleansing Protocol
– Daily Inspiration
– Reboot Recipe Guide
– Facebook Support with Supplemental Recipes

Group Program Begins June 1st!

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In the Pacific Northwest, we experience long stretches of gray skies and rain. During the winter, most of us are inside much more than we are during spring, summer and fall which means we might not be getting enough vitamin D. Lack of vitamin D can contribute to the winter blues so it’s important that we include Vitamin D rich foods and supplements. If you are wondering where to get that in the foods you are eating, here’s a few that include generous amounts with each serving!


This month, I wanted to look at inflammation. It’s a big contributor to disease and imbalance in the body but the good news is, you have the POWER to reduce it in your own body. Two huge triggers for inflammation are some select foods and stress. Both of these are things that you have the ability to manage and when you do, you may be surprised at how amazing you feel. Here is a list of foods to avoid if you are trying to reduce inflammation. Also, you can start bringing anti-inflammatory foods into your diet. Just click the link to the right for your free trio of smoothie recipes to get you started!


Live True is a workbook created by me that walks you through finding your own truth through both yoga philosophy and your own reflection.


Price includes domestic shipping.


The Table Game is a gateway to conversation. Turn off the TV and get to know your family and friends a little better! I promise it’s so much fun.


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This book is an inspiring compilation of ways to inspire, act and connect with people you care about. It also makes a thoughtful gift 🙂


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